Christine Ferber Jams, Preserves, Marmalades, and Jellies

Christine Ferber offers many varieties and flavors of jams and preserves made from the freshest seasonal fruits – most sourced locally in France and the southern region of Italy. Some of the world’s best jams and gourmet jellies are created by Christine Ferber including Rhubarb Jam, Apricot Jam, Green Tomato Jam, Pear Jam, and many more of Christine Ferber’s specialties such as Wine Gelee and savory fruits – ideal for meats and cheeses.

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Pomelo Et Vanilla

Pork Rillettes Gelee de Mandarines de Sicile Non Traitees (Organic Mandarian Orange Gelee)

Orange Amere

This Pomelo jam is a sophisticated twist to a citrus jam.  Pomelo mixes the sweet taste of orange with the tang of lemon. capers

This jam is prepared with organic mandarin oranges.


This jam is prepared with oranges

Marmelade D’Orange de Sicile Non Traitees (Organic Orange Marmelade)

Maltaise Oranges Marmelade

2 Agrumes (Oranges Maltases et Citrons Juanes)

This jam is prepared with organic mandarin oranges

This Orange Marmelade is created with oranges maltaises, located on the Mediterranean Sea border. Because this area offers fertile soil and endless sunlight favorable to citrus fruits, it produces some of the best and sweetest oranges in the world.

This 2 fruit jam (Maltese Orange and Lemon) is the epitome of citrus marmalade, pairing two different types of citrus fruits for a truly refreshing blend.

Pitted & More

Strawberry and Raspberry Reine claude d’Alsace with Vanilla


Pommes D’Alsace Confit D’Oignons Blance (Apples with White Onion)



Bananes Ananas et Rhum (Banana and Passion Fruit)

Reine Claude Plums (green)

This savory jam is perfect accompaniment to Ham and Turkey

This divine exotic jam combines the sweetness of banana with the light tartness of passion fruit.

Raisin de Muscat d’Alsaces

Pommes D’Alsace au Caramel (Apple and Caramel)

Figues Confit D’Oinons Rouges (Figs with Red Onion)


This jam, like caramel-covered apples, is reminiscient of summer memories.  It can even transform a simple piece of bread into apple pie.

Made with Alsace apples from a special orchard, this Jelly is created to evoke a dessert similar to an apple pie.

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